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A Gift for Every Occasion: Designs by Lolita

22 Jul

A wine glass might just be a wine glass, however if you like collections and sets I recommend looking into Designs by Lolita. I first encountered Lolita wine glasses about 5 or 6 years ago when a friend gave me one as a present. I instantly fell in love with the fun, unique designs — and the idea that they are collectable.

Each hand painted glass is accompanied by a drink recipe on the bottom of the stem – or the glass itself.

Birthdays, marriages, holidays, Moms, beach lovers – you name it, Lolita’s got it.

Priced between $12-$30 these glasses are very affordable and make the perfect, original gift. My aunt recently bought me a Lolita martini glass for my recent engagement – I was elated! Each glass let’s you relive the memory of why it was given to you again and again.

Not limited to just wine glasses, Lolita also has champagne flutes, martini glasses, shot glasses and pilsner glasses available.

I recently discovered that Lolita also sells acrylic tableware, candles and much more. However, the glassware collection will always be my favorite.

The collection is now sold online, but in the past I’ve bought from a local Hallmark store.

What’s your favorite Lolita glass?


DIY Buzzed: Wine Charms

11 Jul

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, as I had specifically made this arts & crafts project for my cousin’s bridal shower. However, it was yesterday so I’m free to make this public information.

While I know many of you may not be the artsy, fartsy, craft-lover – I wanted to share this DIY project for favors, or something you want for your own wine glass collection: wine charms.

They are super easy to make. All you need are: round metal findings, charms and wire cutters. Here’s how:

  1. Take the metal finding and slightly bend up the side that doesn’t have the loop
  2. Put the charm on the hook. You can even make it more colorful with accent beads on each side of the charm if you’d like.
  3. Connect the bent up side of the finding into the loop (just like an earring)
  4. For the favors, we took it a step further and bought mini sheer baggies and tied each baggy with a ribbon.











These are perfect for: seasonal presents (especially if you find seasonal charms), favors at showers, your home, house warming gifts, etc.

(FYI: you may not want to do this buzzed if you are prone to hurting yourself with wire cutters)

Do you use wine charms at parties or just for fun?

No More Dirty-Bottomed Cups or Bottles: Party Sticks are the Answer

22 Jun

Do you tend to frequent the beach or BBQs during the summer? Or, do you often sit around a campfire? …And, do you hate when dirt of sand cover your water condensed glass? Maybe it’s OCD, but I do.

If you are like me and are not a fan of getting the bottom of your cup dirty, then I have a product that it totally worth every penny: Outdoor Party Sticks from the Pampered Chef.

They cost just under $40, and include a set of seven sticks: one bottle holder for wine, champagne and 2-liter bottles, plus six glass holders for stemware, tumblers and cans. Each stick does has a protective colored tab covering the ends of the coils to “help identify whose drink is whose” – however depending on how hard the ground is, the tabs will fall off at times.

A few years ago, my fiancé and I were down inHyannis (onCape Codfor any of you non-locals) on the beach throwing the football around. Obviously, there are no glass bottles allowed on just about any beach so we SOLO-cupped it for the afternoon. I brought my Outdoor Party Sticks and we were good to go. Sand free! People passing by actually commented on what a great idea these little sticks are.

Another way they come in handy is when I’m playing ball outside with my dog. She’s half border collie/half boxed and 100% obsessed with fetch. Instead of putting my ice coffee down, to wipe my hands off after I throw the dirt covered ball, I just keep my coffee in my handy Party Stick until I feel it necessary to take another couple sips.

They are also a party pleaser. We always stick a couple in the ground around our firepit as well. No need to have one hand occupied with a beverage when you can just have a standing cup holder at all time.

How would you get the most out of these party sticks?