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Getting the perfect pour: Guinness + Cherry Wheat

27 Sep

If you are a fan of the half and half type drinks, but normally only order them at bars for fear of not perfecting the pour – you should try one of these bad larrys.

I admit, I normally let the pros do the pouring – but I decided I to test my luck with a pour of half  Guinness, half  Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.

For starters, pour half of the Cherry Wheat into a pint glass. You can also use Harp, Stella, Cider, etc.

We have a turtle at home, but you can also use a spoon. The key is to put the round side face up over the pint glass, and SLOWLY pour the guinness over one side of the turtle.


Not to brag, but that’s pretty good for a first timer!

I know many of my close friends are huge fans of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, I on the other hand think it tastes like Vicks cough syrup.

However, while I typically don’t like Cherry Wheat the combination of the creamy, smooth Guinness taste with the cherry flavor of Sam’s Cherry Wheat pairs very well. It totally mellows out the “vicks” flavor that I find unappealing.

Do you have a good hand when it comes to pouring?


DIY Buzzed: Beer Label Collage

15 Sep

Every bar – a bar at home or a regular bar – should be decorated with cool and unique pictures and decorations. That’s my opinion at least.

Whether they be funny, booze-related or just plain bizarre, these decorations give a bar some character and create good conversations.

As a DIY project, I started collecting beer labels to make into a collage that is now hung on a wall in our downstairs bar area.

I won’t lie. This took a while: the drinking, the peeling, the ripping the labels and having to start all over again. It was worth it though!

If you are planning on creating a collage like this, I would recommend peeling off the label right when you finish the beer and there is still condensation on the bottle. That’s the easiest way to pull the label off without ripping it. And, keep all the labels in a folder or somewhere they won’t get bent.

I’ve started collecting wine bottles to create an alter ego for this beer label collage. I’ve discovered wine labels are not as easy. Which is why I’m fairly positive my fiance wants to kill me as we have about 75 wine bottles “hidden” behind our trash.

I’ll get to it one of these days! 😉

Do you have any do-it-yourself decorations in your bar or home?

What a pinch of salt can do…

26 Aug

Bartenders always put down a small napkin or coaster right before putting your beer down. It’s just what they do, maybe it’s the policy at the bar to make your beer more presentable, maybe it’s just out of habit, who knows.

The problem with cold beer on a napkin or coaster is that the beer produces a lot of moisture which runs down the beer. When you go to take your first (OK – maybe second) sip, the napkin or coaster it was sitting on is already stuck to the bottle of your cup, glass or bottle.

The napkin or coaster hijacking your beer makes you look like you’re in some sort of beer circus. You’re the balancing act. Is the coaster going to fall? Will it stay? Oh, the excitement!

If this balancing trick bothers you – or you don’t want to be the beer performer – just put a pinch of salt on the napkin or coaster. Yes, salt.

The salt isn’t going to melt since it’s cold water dripping down and acts as a barrier between your glass and the coaster — allowing for a non-stick drinking experience.

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself!

Do you have any other drinking tips?