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Let this wine Lohr you away

20 Sep

Looking for a good wine at a reasonable price? Check out the 2009 J. Lohr Estates Seven Oak Cabernet Sauvignon.

With hues of cherry, blueberries, violets and vanilla, this cabernet has a strong berry scent. It’s slightly dry, with a solid finish that lasts. Letting you continue to enjoy every sip.

Two of my good friends were the ones who originally turned me on to this wine. (Thanks, guys!)

It is recommended to serve this wine between 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also recommended to be paired with grilled chicken or roasted meat.

It’s sold for around 17 dollars a bottle and is great for both a night of entertaining or a night relaxing on the couch.

The J. Lohr Estates Seven Oak Cabernet Sauvignon is 13.5% ABV.

What do you think about J. Lohr?


Blackberries, Cabernet, El Peral – Oh my!

30 Aug

I’m due to review a wine and my pick of the litter is: a 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve from El Peral Vineyards.

This cabernet is made with prunes, cassis and blackberries.

This cabernet has a very strong blackberry smell. At first sip, it tastes very fruity, but quickly turns to a drier blackberry taste. My fiance and I really enjoyed the smooth blackberry flavor of this wine.  He even made me look it up to see the price per bottle – not being a ‘wine guy’ that’s a pretty big deal.

Around $16 a bottle, this wine is very affordable and one that we will be stocking our wine rack with.

El Peral’s Cabernet Sauvignon is 14.6% ABV.

El Peral Vineyards is based in Mendoza, Argentina. The vineyard suggests this wine to be enjoyed with all kinds of meat. BBQ anyone?

Don’t want to open a whole bottle? Reach for the 4-pack

25 Jul

Don’t you hate when you want a glass of wine, but you don’t want to open a whole bottle? Red wine especially doesn’t take long to go bad. It’s wasteful – and abuse of a delicious merlot, cabernet or pinot.

One night I had the desire for a glass, but found myself in the above predicament. I debated whether or not to open a bottle, but then was delighted to find a couple left over single serving miniature bottles.

How perfect!

Sold in sets of four, 187 milliliter plastic bottles (well for the most part) they are the perfect solution to nights when you might be dining/indulging alone.

I’ve also noticed some bars and restaurants using these individual bottles as opposed to the regular 750 ml bottles. While variety of vineyards offering these miniature bottles isn’t as vast as the real thing, more and more are popping into the market.

I do admit, I rarely think to buy the four packs, and tend to buy the full bottles because of the greater selection. However, that night when I found myself in that predicament, I made a mental note to put them on my shopping list.

Cavit, Sutter Home and Stone Cellars by Beringer are just a few brands that you should be able to easily find at your local package store.

Do you love the individual serving bottles?