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Fake Sangria – A Delicious Party Drink

14 Sep

I put together a bachelorette party a couple weeks ago and I decided that I wanted to make a fun drink. I bought plastic martini glasses, borrowed a friends drink container and scoured the web to find a fun and delicious drink.

I came across a sangria recipe that looked delicious, but defintiely wasn’t sangria. You can’t just put fruit in a drink and call it sangria. So, I’ll call it fake sangria. What did it call for?

  • Sparking Wine
  • Sauvignon Blanc (or any white wine will do)
  • Fruit

So, I bought peaches, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries and threw all but the peaches in the freezer figuring the fruit could act as ice cubes since the drink container would never have been able to fit into my fridge.

I used equal parts of both wines.

Well, the fake sangria was a hit. It was light and fruity — but not too fruity. It was a good balance between the fruit, the sparkling wine and the lightness of the sauvignon blanc. The perfect party drink, and it wasn’t going to get you completely wasted like a jungle juice would do off of just one.

Apologies for the expletive, but hey - it was a bachelorette party!

The one thing that I should have thought through was the fruit. I assumed because frozen blueberries float, all the other fruit would float if frozen too…. WRONG! The fruit sunk and clogged the spout. We ended up using a ladel which was fine — but that is something I will keep in mind in the future.

What’s your favorite party beverage?




Chocolate-filled Strawberry Shots

22 Aug

What’s the opposite of chocolate dipped strawberries? Chocolate filled strawberries.

So after a successful experience with  hollowed out strawberries filled with Sambuca and topped off with whipped cream, I started to think about the endless possibilities my friends and I could do with using these strawberries at edible shot glasses. It started off with Sambuca – who knew!? Just about everyone loves chocolate dipped fruit, so I decided to find a chocolate liqueor to go alongside the weekend’s agenda.

I found Adult Chocolate Milk, produced by Adult Beverage Co. which is based out of Newport Beach, CA.

And, instead of regular whipped cream I used CREAM’s  alcohol-infused chocolate whipped cream, produced by Kingfish Spirits based out of Shaker Heights, OH.

So like ths Sambuca strawberry shots, I started out by hollowing out strawberries. My suggestion is to use a sharp small knife, the longer the knife the harder it is to maneuver around the edge of the strawberry. (But, please be careful!)

Once you have the amount of strawberries you need, fill them with Adult Chocolate Milk, then top them off with CREAM’s alcohol infused chocolate whipped cream.

Another suggestion, have who ever is taking the shot stand over a sink when pouring. The strawberry doesn’t hold THAT much alcohol depending on its size and it’s very easy to overpour — as you can see from the Adult Chocolate Milk dripping a little from the above picture.

All-in-all, these edible shots may be a little more work than most shots, but they are definitely a party pleaser. Everyone LOVED them!

And with strawberries, there are definitely endless possibilities as to what you can fill them with.

What would you suggest?

Dirty Girl Scouts: Get your mind out of the gutter

17 Aug

During this weekend’s make-shift bar crawl, a friend suggested we do a shot. Now, I’m not normally a shot person. I mean, sure, I’ll do a shot every once in a while – but if I’m going to last it has to be one that isn’t going to burn my throat as I throw it back.

After nixing a SoCo lime shot (the combination of Southern Comfort and lime mixed together makes me gag), a Dirty Girl Scout shot was suggested. A creamy, yet slightly minty, 2 ounces of deliciousness.

In shot formation, this is a mixture of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua and Creme de Menthe.

The shot looks similar to the below picture. (Sorry, I didn’t have my camera — so this is as good as it gets.)

Mint Green in color, it definitely looks a little weird – like someone put a couple drops of food coloring into their milk. It tastes very similar to a liquid thin mint. Who wouldn’t like that!

You can also make this into a Dirty Girl Scout martini by adding 1 ounce of Vodka, along with the other ingredients.

I feel sorry for people whose stomachs are unable to handle the creaminess of the Bailey’s because not only is this an easy shot to do, it also tastes great!

Have you ever tried a Dirty Girl Scout?