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Bar crawls: The ultimate group experience

12 Aug

Want to plan a party, but don’t want to have the party at your house? Consider a bar crawl. Bar crawls can be big or small. For charity or just for fun. Themed or not-themed. Either way, they are a good way to get a group of people to mingle and have fun.

Not sure what exactly a bar crawl entails? Well, normally the organizer picks a location (one with a lot of bars in walking distance is best), sets a time, and picks a bar to go to every hour (roughly) — ahead of time. Obviously, you can set the times to be more or less than an hour at each location depending on preference. Make sure everyone knows the list prior to that day so people who can’t make it on time will know where you are when they can join in on the fun.

Raising money for charity, races, etc.

Everyone — or, most people — like going out every once in a while and what better of a reason than to help raise money for charity. The organizer can set up an event page on social networking sites, like facebook, and send out invitations electronically to their friends and family. Let people invite their own friends to get more people to join in. Ask everyone participating to put in a set amount of money, and make t-shirts or tank tops to commemorate the occassion, donating the extra money to a good cause. If you are really organized, try getting raffles to sell throughout the night and raffle a prize at each bar.


I love themed parties! I love putting them together. I love trying to figure out what to wear. I love everything about them.

Along with organizing your ‘crawl, add a theme to it. Themes could include:

The “mustache” bar crawl – everyone either grows or wears a beard for the entirety of the day

An 80s bar crawl – everyone dresses like they are from the 80s. People can rock leggings, leg warmers, bleach washed clothing, sweatbands, etc. This theme could really work for any decade. Choose your decade of choice.

Black and white bar crawl – everyone only wears black and white. Or, pick your teams favorite color and designate that as your theme!

Halloween bar crawl…. in July – Everyone wears Halloween costumes around October. That’s the norm, but having a halloween bar crawl in a different month keeps it interesting.

For special occassions.

Like I said earlier, if you don’t want to throw the party at your place — whether it be for reasons such as just having an easier clean up, amount of space, etc. — organize a crawl. They’re perfect for parties like bachelorette/bachelor, getting together with out-of-towner friends, getting a new job, the possibilities are endless.

Every year I attend a Pre-Thanksgiving bar crawl that happens the Saturday before turkey day.

I’m actually also going on a bar crawl this weekend for my cousin, Nicole’s, birthday.

Happy Birthday, Nicole!

What types of bar crawls have you been on?