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Take a bite out of the slice – Opa Opa’s Watermelon Ale

31 Aug

Back to seasonals, I recently tried Opa Opa Watermelon Ale, a light ale that is ‘low on bitterness.’ Light in color and very clear, this ale has a slightly sweet, slightly sour watermelon aroma – similar to that of a watermelon jolly rancher.

Opa Opa Brewing Company’s Watermelon Ale also has a light and sweet watermelon flavor that is accompanied by an excellent finish. This flavor is one that lasts – letting you take in and enjoy the soft sweetness of watermelon.

In comparison to Hooker’s Watermelon Ale, it’s definitely the less sweet verion. However, that does not mean it’s a less delicious summer beer.

What would have made this better is a nice slice of fresh watermelon on the top of the pint glass — but that’s not Opa Opa’s fault.

Opa Opa Brewing Company is based out of Southampton and Williamsburg, MA.

Have you tried Hooker’s or Opa Opa’s Watermelon Ale? Which comes out on top?


Blackberries, Cabernet, El Peral – Oh my!

30 Aug

I’m due to review a wine and my pick of the litter is: a 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve from El Peral Vineyards.

This cabernet is made with prunes, cassis and blackberries.

This cabernet has a very strong blackberry smell. At first sip, it tastes very fruity, but quickly turns to a drier blackberry taste. My fiance and I really enjoyed the smooth blackberry flavor of this wine.  He even made me look it up to see the price per bottle – not being a ‘wine guy’ that’s a pretty big deal.

Around $16 a bottle, this wine is very affordable and one that we will be stocking our wine rack with.

El Peral’s Cabernet Sauvignon is 14.6% ABV.

El Peral Vineyards is based in Mendoza, Argentina. The vineyard suggests this wine to be enjoyed with all kinds of meat. BBQ anyone?

Find delight in Victory White – Beer Works

29 Aug

Lately, I’ve been digging hefeweizen-style beer, so at arecent trip to Salem Beer Works I decided to try their Victory White.

Beer Works’ Victory White is slightly cloudy and yellow, yet orange in color.

It has a heavy wheat smell. Flavor-wise, it tasted slightly fruity — similar to the taste of fruity pebbles. (Yes, I know that sounds weird)

Victory White is mildly carbonated and you could taste flavors of spice and orange in each sip.

I’d say it’s a good summer beer to relax with on your front porch.

If you’ve ever been to Beer Works, you know their beer menu changes monthly – so get this one while you can.

Beer Works has 6 locations throughout MA – and can even be found in Logan Airport. I’m a huge fan of Beer Works. If you’re in the area check them out! (Don’t judge them on their website, though – it’s pretty bad.)