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30 Jun

There’s something about Jell-O shots that makes the world go ‘round at parties. I, for one, love Jell-O with or without booze, but going to a party with Jell-O shots is always a crowd pleaser.


Typically recipes call for the mix, one part boiling water and one part cold water (which is swapped out with vodka, tequila, rum or whatever your liquor of choice may be.)


Feeling creative? At a party I hosted, someone brought the most amazing Jell-O shots a partygoer could ever imagine. Since they were so awesome, I felt the need to share some of the mixtures:


  • Ÿ  Lemon drop = vodka + lemon mix
  • Ÿ  Margarita = tequila + lime mix
  • Ÿ  Black Cherry = amaretto + cherry mix
  • Ÿ  Screwdriver = vodka + orange mix
  • Ÿ  Blue Hawaiian = clear rum + berry blue


As a quick tip, use small dressing plastic cups (and the accompanying lids) that restaurants serve as the cup you pour the mixture in. This way you can label each of the Jell-O shots, and they will be much easier to stack in the fridge. You will also find that spillage will not be a problem since the lids keep the container tightly sealed.


Another fun way to offer Jell-O shots is in orange slices (nectarine slices actually work best though if you are trying to individualize them.) How so, you say?


  1. Cut oranges (or nectarines) in half, and carefully take out the fruit – trying not to damage the peel.
  2. Put the empty peels in a muffin tin. This will make the peel more stable when you put the Jell-O shot mixture inside.
  3. Pour the mixture in and let set for a couple hours in the fridge.


Voila! Watch people be amazed.

We made these for New Year’s Eve and they were a huge hit!

So you don’t waste the fruit, stick it in a bowl and offer it to guests – or make a fruit salad.


Do you like Jell-O shots? What’s your favorite combination?


It was 5 O’Clock Somewhere and Now you’re Hungover…

29 Jun

Maybe it was the fact that you said, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” at 1 p.m. the day before. Or, maybe you just had too much fun in general, but now you woke up with a hangover. You’re tired, your head hurts, if you’re like me you get so thirsty you think you might die.

How do you get rid of it? I went to TwitterFacebook & the streets — OK, I was at a bar talking about it — to find out.

According to @RealBeerNut, drinking coconut water is the best cure. It replenishes vitamins and rehydrates the body. On Facebook, we also got sleep, motrin or Excedrin and a Gatorade as being the perfect hangover cures. Personally, I agree with the sleep and Excedrin part as I’m prone to migraines.

@SAVCraftBrew on the other hand said that nothing beats a hangover better than the ‘hair of the dog.’ Some people on Facebook agree, saying a Bloody Mary was one of the get better quick remedies. I suggested trying a Bloody Mary with Absolut Peppar – if you’re going to have a spicy morning drink why not add a little bit of spicy vodka to go along with your breakfast! Going along the same lines, my sister, Julie, said that one of her friends from college used to go to sleep with a beer on her bed stand. She apparently swore that it was the best hangover cure.

Other cures I got were sweating it out and eating greasy food.

How do you get rid of a hangover? Do you have any special tricks?

Review: Vanilla Porter Ale from Breckenridge Brewery

28 Jun

On Friday, I came home from work and was waiting for my sister to come over. Having worked a long week, I was pretty tired. On the way home, I actually debated stopping for a coffee but dismissed the idea considering it was 5:30. I rememebered that I had a Vanilla Porter Ale from Breckenridge Brewery in the fridge that was left over from a beer tasting party I had hosted a couple weeks back. Why not, right? It might not have caffeine, but I can at least trick my mind into thinking I’m drinking french vanilla coffee.

Breckenridge’s Vanilla Porter Ale was actually my microbrew that I brought to the party and offered as my tasting. I had never had anything from Breckenridge Brewery before, and I liked the idea of a Vanilla Porter. Plus, many great craft beer come from Colorado (Breckenridge is in Denver.) Like I said in a previous post, many of the people in the room were very skeptical because it was “vanilla” flavored, it’s even made with real vanilla beans. All of the ‘doubters’ in the room were pleasantly surprised with how it tasted.

After cracking open the brew, I smelled the bottle. The scent of the Vanilla Porter is not sweet at all, it smells like a regular ale. When sipping, you immediately have a rush of smooth creamy vanilla taste flowing through your mouth – and while it is an immediate taste, its not overpowering and the beer finishes off with the aftertaste of any other ale. There is also a hint of caramel.

This is a great beer for anyone who likes unique tasting beer — without the  intense, overwhelming vanilla flavor. Thinking about it, it reminds me of the wave at baseball parks — or really any sporting event. You know, it’s great and fun but you don’t want to keep standing up and sitting down the entire game. The wave comes at the perfect time, and leaves are the perfect time as well.

The Vanilla Porter Ale is 4.7 % alcohol by volume, so it doesn’t have a stong alcohol taste that is sometimes is connected to specialty beers.

If you like a beer that has a smooth and creamy chocolately, yet vanilla flavor, this beer is for you.

Have you ever had any of the craft beers from Breckenridge Brewery? Or, any beer with vanilla flavoring?